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Director of Astrology Learners Academy Linda Mendonsa

I share my 40-plus years of experience with modern Western humanistic astrology and other holistic practices, and my positive philosophy of life with you throughout the entire program. I have been teaching astrology and other holistic practices for over 7 years. I teach students all over the world to read their charts and practice other holistic skills with confidence. I use my combined professional and educational background in astrology, tarot and other holistic practices, life coaching, sociology, and training in all my courses and readings. I am known for my friendly and engaging teaching style. I make the layered complexity of astrology, tarot, and other holistic practices easy and fun to learn and apply to your own life. I will be your teacher for the entire course - no "assistant teachers/mentors" in my courses. You get to work directly with me to guide you on your astrology and holistic practices journey. I look forward to meeting you!